10.9.2021, in photos

#photojournal #dayinphotos

George Coffee in Coppell, TX

Started the day with some studying and writing at George Coffee in Old Town Coppell.

A pickle bus in Old Town Coppell

Went for a walk around Old Town Coppell and spotted a pickle bus as a pop-up shop. I've been in a pickle bus only once, and I couldn't stop smiling the whole ride. I still daydream about fixing one up as a road-trip machine.

Lil Bit at Millennium Park in Irving, TX

Took Lil Bit to the library and then we walked over to Millennium Park to say hi to the turtles and the ducks

Trail in Coppell Nature Park

Went for an evening walk walk around Coppell Nature Park. Got a little uneasy, waiting for a snake to jump out and say hi.

Kids' baseball game

Capped the day off with Booger's baseball game. Tough day at the plateā€”he went 0-3. Better luck next week