2021 goals: year-end review

It's that time of year again when your boss pulls you into his office and pulls out the list of things you told him you were going to accomplish this year. And then he tells you all the ways you fell short.

I don't have a boss as I'm typing this, so I'll have to torture myself.

What were my goals again?

The goals I set for myself in 2021 were to:

The review

So how did I do?

Well, let's take it one goal at a time, starting with the top.

Read 30 books.

I knocked this one out of the park. According to my logging on literal.club, I read 43 books in 2021.

30 or 43 books may not seem like much to some people. But before 2021, I had never kept record of how many books I had read in a given year. Reading 30 books in a year means you're reading between two and three books a month. If you read one book a month, you're likely reading more than the average American.

So, I'm happy with this accomplishment.

But I learned something surprising from this goal: I will no longer challenge myself to read a certain number of books within a certain timeframe.

Blog posts and even tweets from the right person can have just as much value as books. So the point should be to read continuously and to keep record of what I've read—but not to set some sort of goal for the quantity of one medium over any others.

Take 3 writing classes.

I killed this one. I took writing courses on Coursera, courses for my technical writing certification, courses on Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. I'm pretty sure I had taken three classes before the close of the first quarter of the year.

I got learned up in 2021.

Finish watching Kids in the Hall

I botched this one. Long story short, I screwed up the video files I had ripped to my server and then re-ripped them and didn't start over.

The good news: I had time to watch all three seasons of What We Do in the Shadows. So, I'll still consider this one a win.

Go the whole year without wearing blue jeans

No joke: This is the goal I'm proudest of. I did not wear blue jeans once this year.

Chinos? Yep.

Khakis? Yep.

Basketball shorts, track pants? Yep. And yep.

But blue jeans? No way, Jose.

I've never been as comfortable as I was in 2021. But losing nearly 20 pounds may have also had something to do with that.

How does 2021 grade?

In terms of these goals, I give 2021 an A.

Perhaps I would have given it an A+ if I had squeezed in Kids in the Hall.

Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

And now it's time to start thinking about my goals for 2022.

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