2022 intentions

2021 was a great year in terms of meeting my goals. But I'm looking to try something different in 2022.

Jas Hothi recently made an interesting proposal on his blog: Instead of setting rigid goals for the new year, try establishing your intentions for the next 365 days. He also recommended defining a one-word theme for the coming year.

For 2022, my theme will be create. I spent a lot of time in 2021 studying writing, including working through the bulk of my technical writing certification. But in 2022, I need to focus more on doing, on active verbs, on showing and not telling.

Reconnect with my inner artist

Yeah, it sounds hippie dippy, but it's necessary. I've sold out my inner artist in the name of being a professional. One of my intentions going forward is to learn how to integrate the two. You don't have to be one or the other—you can be both at the same time.

But to do so, I have to acknowledge my artistic inclinations. I have to be real about this part of myself.

What exactly does this all mean? How will I go about doing it?

That's something I'll have to figure out as the days unwind.

Disconnect from screens more often

I don't know how exactly to quantify this intention, but I want to spend less time in front of screens. Screens are pretty much a necessity for 21st century living. But the technology giveth and the technology taketh, so while technology can make certain parts of lives easier, it also drains brainpower and distracts past the point of productivity.

But rest easy: I'm not looking to go back to the Stone Age, at least not full time.

To disconnect more often, I need to be more intentional about my usage. Be efficient, get stuff done, but don't linger on screens out of habit. Pick up a pen and some paper and write something, anything that may lead to new ideas. Pick up your Kindle and read one of your 300+ unread books.

Maybe I'm cheating by not classifying the Kindle as a screen. But oh well, it's better than sticking my face in a tablet or monitor. It's like vaping compared to smoking. Yeah, vaping isn't as healthy as being completely clean, but it's better than sucking on cancer sticks.

Write daily journal/diary entries

I've tried long-form journaling off and on for years, and for some reason, the practice never sticks. But I'm going to make a point of sticking with this daily in 2022. If nothing else, a daily journal or diary entry is great writing practice, and some days, it may be the best practice I can squeeze in.

Intentions unrelated to creating

Lose 13 pounds

I lost 20 pounds in the second half of 2021. I feel great and I'm proud of my weight loss. I want to ride the momentum I've created so that I can lose 13 more pounds. I'm going to have to buy better-fitting clothes when it's all said and done, so I might as well see how low I can go.

Transition out of the oil and gas industry

This will be the goal that stretches me in 2022. In December 2021 I became a free agent, and I think it's time to walk away from oil and gas. I've drifted away from my natural skills in an attempt to stay relevant in the industry, and I'm burned out on the cyclical nature of a career so closely tied to a commodity.

I'm focusing on getting into technical writing, though I'm keeping my options open.

Happy new year

A new year is upon us. While any day is a good day for healthy change, the new year is a natural cue to reflect on all the ways we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

So, what are you intentions and themes for 2022? Please write them into existence and share them with others. Don't hold them all to yourself.

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