Carrying your values with you

#writing #marketing

I work with a guy who's former military. Air Force, to be specific. A wingnut, some might call him. At least my high school basketball coach would have.

I was recently having a discussion about the intersection of marketing and workplace culture, when someone suggested I read something the former military guy keeps on his desk.

It was a tiny book the Air Force had given him. The book could easily fit in your back pocket. He pointed me to a tiny portion of that tiny book.

That tiny portion focused on carrying your values with you. Living them every day. This tiny book allows him to literally carry his values with him. Pretty cool.

It was a great read. But not just if you're thinking of joining the military.

It's something to meditate on no matter your discipline (or lack thereof).

For at least a couple years now, I've said I was going to write my own writing manifesto. A collection of my own writing values.

Something I can call back to when I feel myself drifting from my own writerly convictions.

But I've yet to do it.

Maybe one of my values should be to follow through with important personal projects.