Emergency Coffee for 10.2021

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Emergency Coffee is a monthly newsletter featuring writing-related articles, videos, and podcasts.

It's Spooky Season. Great time to write out your demons.


Thoughts on your book cover – Seth Godin explores some of the things your book cover can say to potential readers.

Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Misusing Dialogue Tags – Getting the flow of dialogue right can be tricky. But it's worth spending the time on.

On Not Letting Ambition Take Over – This is a reminder not to let ambition get in the way of the most important aspect of writing: actually getting words on the page.


If You Can't Answer These 6 Questions You Don't Have A Story – Glenn Gers shares his thoughts on the necessary components of a movie. But story is story (and movies are written before filmed), so this applies to our purposes.


Why I stopped trying to write good headlines – In this Racket, Chris J. Wilson reminds us not to be afraid of writing badly. In fact, that may be just what we need.