A recent blog post by Mark Schaefer served as a timely reminder of the dangers of social media and FOMO.

It's so easy to feel as if you should be devoting more time and effort social media, especially when we have so many options serving so many audiences.

And more popping up all the time.

Are you spending enough time covering all the bases you can? Should you?

The better question is: How many bases should you be covering? How many are worth your time?

Social media has great potential for connection. And I'm guilty of falling in love with that potential and putting it on a pedestal. All while neglecting the reality of other connections. The connections I'm able to make within myself via my blog.

One of my intentions for 2022 was to connect with my inner artist.

Not with strangers on Twitter.

The distinction—or inclusion of one form of connection and the exclusion of another—was not a mistake.

Thanks for the reminder, Mark.