Happy to be wrong

Can you think of a time you've been happy to be wrong?

While I'm not always happy to be wrong, when I find myself in this position, I most often experience it in terms of work.

It starts with some philosophy and strategy: developing a bit of theory. And then I plan my attack and then I pounce, sometimes missing my mark and falling on my face.

Part of me may be wounded or embarrassed about missing my target, but at least I attempted something. I gave it the old college try. And now I have anecdotes and data to reflect on and adapt my theory with.





Rinse and repeat until you get the desired outcome. Unfortunately, in a sick twist of fate, you may find that the desired result was actually not something you desired after all. Such as the case almost a decade ago when I grappled with the reality that the dream job I'd finally gotten wasn't so dreamy after all. Another reminder that the art of life includes navigating wave after wave of paradoxes and harsh realizations which can lead to their own types of failure.

This is why I no longer put much stake in the question of where I see myself in five years. I'm basically being asked what I hope to be proven wrong about in the next half decade. (Find me the guy or gal asked this question back in 2015 whose answer accounted for a global pandemic, rapid deglobalization, inflation, etc.).

We're so bad at accurately perceiving the present world around us. To hell with predicting the future world. The future us and our place in all of this.

And so when we see things as they truly are, we must accept that, to at least some degree, our desires and projections were based on a world that never really existed.

Is it any wonder we fail so much?

But once we see and accept reality, we have the chance to reassess and try and be proven wrong again.


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