Learning in public on LinkedIn

Are you familiar with learning in public?

It means you share your journey as you learn something new.

Maybe you do this via blog posts.

Or a video journal.

However you do it, you invite people into your journey. To come along for the ride. To see your struggles and triumphs and to learn with you.

Learning in public is popular with the tech community. But it doesn't appear to be as popular with the marketing and sales crowd.

And especially not on LinkedIn. The place for “experts.”

But by reading this newsletter and seeing my posts in your feed, you're seeing learning in public in action. And you're seeing failing in public. But you won't be seeing any crying in public. (No, that one's better done in private.)

Learning in public is great for a few reasons:

  1. You show your work — No talking about what you could be doing. Instead show us what you're doing.
  2. You can receive feedback — Maybe you get a helpful comment on a post. Or maybe something you published didn't get the response you'd expected. This is an example of the value of practice over theory.
  3. You create pressure to keep going — It's harder to quit when you've set the expectation that you'll show up.

I'm in the late stage of putting the finishing touches on two brands: my employer's and my own.

Both brands are about 90% complete. But that last 10%—man, it's tough. But so crucial.

It's that last 10% that clarifies everything. The glue that binds it all. That last 10% determines how you communicate with the world.

It's not what you say. But how you say it.

So I've shared how I'm learning in public.

But what about you?

How are you putting yourself out there? How are you stretching?

Please let me know.

Let's support each other. Let's learn together.

So many people talk about the importance of being a lifelong learner.

But how many put those words to action?


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