Let the day begin


Story is powerful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

As someone with a history of writing about grief, I can't help being drawn to the story of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's cover of “Let the Day Begin.”

Robert Been, the band's bassist, is the son of Michael Been of The Call, the band that recorded the original version of the song.

Michael Been suffered a fatal heart attack backstage as his son's band performed. The band played a show only a few days later, one they consider their worst.

Sometimes moving on is sloppy even when it's the only choice we have.

For their next album, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club recorded a cover of “Let the Day Begin,” with Robert Been singing the same lyrics his father once sang with The Call.

Listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's version often gives me goosebumps as I imagine how cathartic performing the song live must be for Robert.

The mixture of emotions.

The happy layered in with the sad.

The mess of it all.

At the same time, Robert's doing his part to remind the world his father's still here. Parts of him have been left behind, some with a greater likelihood of permanence than others.

Sometimes a song is more than just a song.

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