Making a Racket about what I got wrong about writing

a random stick monster I drew #writing

I recently gave myself an unofficial goal of publishing a blog post every week.

Welp, I've already failed at that goal. And what do you do when you see that you're going to fail? That's right: You cheat.

So I'm going to share something I recorded on Racket. What is Racket? I'm early into exploring the platform, so I'm not really sure. My elevator pitch would be that it's like Medium but with audio (up to nine minutes worth).

Anyway, I've been having some thoughts I wanted to get out but couldn't quite fit into a blog post, so I decided to put them on Racket. These thoughts became What I Got Wrong About Writing.

There's some dead air in the middle, when my iPad screen shut off for a few seconds. Oh well, the bigger point was to learn and try something new. | Twitter | Email | RSS
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