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Influence is funny in that you're not always aware that it's happening and you never know when it's going to reveal itself.

Sometime in the last month, the band Ladytron popped into my head. I used to listen to Ladytron in high school, and while I've listened to them at times over the last few years, they haven't been a band I've kept in my rotation. Yet, for a couple weeks, Ladytron was all I was listening to, with the song “Deep Blue” in particular being my jam.

And then earlier today, Father John Misty popped into my thoughts. I have been aware of Misty for a while and have enjoyed some of his songs, but I've never been a fan. But Misty was the soundtrack on my afternoon commute back home.

These music artists I hadn't thought of much lately had obviously made an impression somewhere somehow. A part of my brain had latched on to them and tucked them away, for them to somehow get loose and shake things up. How exactly does that work? I can't help wondering.