Jake LaCaze


When I was a kid, every so often my mother would rummage through her vinyl collection and put a record on the turntable.

I smile when I think back to the times we listened to The Ventures Play Telstar. The pseudo-eponymous track “Telstar” is in so many ways a personal favorite, a song that takes me back like no other. A song I now most often enjoy alone.

I don't play vinyl at my house—I don't have a turntable or any records. Long gone are the days of putting on an album and letting it play from beginning to end to fill the space of a lazy afternoon.

But sometimes, when doing a mundane chore like washing dishes, I might pull up a playlist on Spotify and cast it to the Apple TV.

And while I don't have any memories of my mother ever dancing, dance parties are common at the LaCaze house.

Our experiences aren't exactly like the ones I had when growing up. But somehow, despite the years and the changes in technology, they're close enough.


“Daddy, can we buy a ninja?”

My son had asked the question so many times whenever we had gone to Frys, but I didn’t know as we got out of the car on a Saturday afternoon and headed toward the store that this trip may be the last time he would ask. I told him I didn’t have any quarters, which was a truth I would later regret.