The hype of the princess party

Recently my son, daughter, and I slept in a tent on our living room floor. Even with a pallet of blankets, the floor was uncomfortable. I woke up numerous times throughout the night.

Still, our little camping trip was fun. So much fun my son and I did it again the next night.

The morning following the first night, my wife poked her head into the tent and said, Happy birthday.

My daughter leapt in excitement and exclaimed, “It's my princess party!”

She was adorable.

But so, so wrong.

Because it wasn't her birthday. It was my birthday.

And a princess party was the last thing I had in mind. But it's the only thing that's been on my daughter's mind since her friend had a princess birthday.

Now, in my daughter's mind, any gift—even those for Valentine's Day—is a sign that her birthday has arrived.

My daughter's birthday will be here soon enough. And she'll finally get her princess party.

And I have to say she's sold me on the idea. I'm looking forward to it.

Her hype broke me down.

I can't wait for the princess party.

My daughter might make a great marketer one day.

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