The Polywork swag box and reciprocal love


A few days ago I wrote a blog post about how Polywork is fixing personal branding.

Polywork then reached out to me and hooked me up with a swag box.

The Polywork swag box

I wish I could have gotten better pictures or video, but I was too excited to worry about quality when capturing the moment.

So I tore right in.

Opened Polywork swag box

Nothing makes you question your adulthood like hiding stickers from your kids.

Polywork stickers

I sported the socks in the office the next day.

Polywork socks

Looks like I got a new library bag.

Polywork bag A good weekend shirt.

Polywork t-shirt

I'm a sucker for hoodies.

Polywork hoodie

And I love my new coffee mug.

Polywork mug

Polywork was strange to me at first, and I wasn't sure why exactly I needed it when I already had a LinkedIn account.

The joy of connecting on Polywork

But as I've spent more time on Polywork, I've realized that I enjoy the network much more than LinkedIn.

I have only 14 followers on Polywork, compared to nearly 250 connections on LinkedIn. But I've gotten more engagement on Polywork.

I think one reason is the fact that Polywork makes it easy for people to connect by allowing users to announce the opportunities they're open to collaborating on. LinkedIn doesn't have anything comparable (at least to my knowledge), so users have to coldcall other members to work together.

By taking that little step to eliminate a little bit of friction, Polywork makes connecting a breeze.

Don't forget the look and feel

Also, I have to mention that Polywork's artwork and branding are fun af.

LinkedIn feels stagnant in comparison. And LinkedIn's website/feeds need a refresh.

What does the future hold for Polywork?

The question of Polywork's future is an interesting one.

I don't see it being a LinkedIn killer. And I don't imagine the company wants to fill that role.

But Polywork makes for a great LinkedIn alternative.

As I said in my previous post about Polywork, Polywork aims for the crowd of those who don't want to rigidly tie into only one profession or industry.

And if Polywork can continue to serve that niche, I think the company has a bright future ahead of it.

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