This too shall fail


Perfectionists have it all wrong.

They're afraid of failure. As if they're deathly allergic.

So they want to move forward only when success is guaranteed. If only success ever were.

Perfectionists would be better served to expect failure. To embrace it. That view would be more accurate. And more useful.

Because, what's to hold you back if you know you'll fail? Might as well try something new, right? Fail in a way that makes you proud. Go down swinging for what you believe in.

My new LinkedIn newsletter will likely fail. Just like so many of my other creative projects that came and went before.

In past years I would have been bothered by the possibility. Back when I was a perfectionist.

But these days I can't wait to fail. Because that's where the real lessons are learned.

Perfectionists, you're doing it wrong. So, so wrong.


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