When brands have fun

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Did you hear about KFC making a website dedicated to stock photos of its fried chicken?

I laughed out loud when I heard about it. And then I considered going to KFC for lunch.

I ended up staying at the office because:

  1. I didn't want to spend the money.
  2. I didn't want to brave the DFW traffic for some fried bird. (Though if we're being completely honest, I prefer their grilled chicken.)

But I was tempted. Oh so tempted.

Note: The website appears to be down, so I'm not providing a link.

I got another laugh out of a recent exchange with Nextcloud on LinkedIn.

Screenshot below.

Screenshot of my exchange with Nextcloud on LinkedIn

That little emoji response was perfect. So relatable. So human.

Marketers, branding and business people—let's be honest about something:

Brands are not human. I'm talking about brands for companies. Not personal brands.

Brands are businesses. And businesses exist to make money. If they don't make money, they usually cease to exist. At some point.

This isn't criticism but acknowledgment.

But when brands can let their guard down a bit and find a way to be more human—or more nearly human—they make us forget for one second that they're a mass of legalese and corporate speak. And budgets and forecasts. And supply chains and processes.

For a moment, brands become something—someone?—we want to do business with.

And in an era where we have so many options, that want can be everything.


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