You don't always have to teach kids right

These days, one of my favorite activities with my son is to head out to the backyard and throw the pigskin. We usually start with playing a simple game of catch and then we progress to him running routes with me playing out my fantasy of being the elite pocket passer.

I never got the chance to play quarterback. My school was too small to field a football team. What little I know about the game I learned from watching on TV and playing Madden and NCAA Football back when that was still a thing. But I've done my best to teach him some of the basics: the slant route, the curl route, the fly route. And I'm trying to get him to learn the concepts of sister routes: The in route is the sister to the out route, the corner route is the sister to the post route, and so on.

If my son ever plays organized football, he'll likely need at least three months to unlearn all that I've taught him wrong. But this is one case in which the point isn't to teach him what's right. The point is simply to teach him when he's at an age where he wants a certain type of mentorship. The point is that we're spending time together, creating our own version of the game that only we play.

You don't always have to teach kids right—sometimes you just have to teach them.

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