You live good, you die good

An American white male has a life expectancy around 80 years. So, theoretically, I have a few decades until I'm on my deathbed, slipping toward the light.

But every day I inch closer. And so do you.

The inevitability can scare you.

Or it can inspire you.

The choice is yours. And yours alone.

There's so much I'd like to accomplish before my time ends. Most of the items on my list will likely never happen.

But, when my days are numbered and my life flashes before my eyes, I hope the movie that plays leaves a smile on my face.

That's how I hope to go out. And that's how I hope you go out too.

But how we die tomorrow starts with how we live today.

That's the great lesson from my grief of the last decade. Middle age is allowing me to put it all in proper perspective.

My first act is over. The character has been established. The conflict revealed. Man vs. himself.

I'm somewhere in my second act. Working toward the climax.

The credits will be rolling before I even realize I'm in the third act.

We're going to be dead one day.

Until then, we might as well get busy living.

But don't just take it from me.

Consider this bit of wisdom from Hall of Fame NFL defensive back Deion Sanders's response when asked why he dressed so flashy:

You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. You play good, they pay good. They pay good, you live good. You live good, you die good.